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Generic Restasis is an FDA approved drug that is used for the treatment of chronic dry eyes. It is generally prescribed for people who are above the age of 16 years and above. The chronic dry eye condition does not allow your eyes to stay moist like they are supposed to. Restasis contains the active drug called cyclosporine, which belongs to the class of drugs called calcineurin inhibitor immunosuppressant. It increases the eye’s natural capacity to make tears. It is a liquid emulsion (oily liquid mixture) that is used as eye drops. The drug of Generic Restasis is available online, and you can easily buy it at an affordable price.

Dosage of Generic Restasis - Cyclosporine eye drops

Ask the doctor or read the instruction of the leaflet before using the drug of Restasis. Use the medicated solution in the affected eye as per the direction of your doctor. You can apply it twice a day, keeping 12 hours gap between the dosages. Wash your hands before using the drug to avoid contamination. Do not touch the tip of the dropper and even the surface of your eyes.

General precautions of Generic Restasis - Cyclosporine eye drops

  • Speak to the doctor before using the drug of Generic Restasis.
  • Do not use the drug if you have any kind of allergy to the active chemical used in the medicine.
  • Remove the contact lenses at least 15 minutes before administering the drug.
  • Tell the doctor or pharmacist any medical history you had previously, like eye infection or other issues.
  • Your vision might become blurred after applying the drug, and hence do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery after using the drug.
  • Pregnant women should consult the doctor before using the drug of Generic Restasis.
  • Breastfeeding mothers should also be careful while using the drug as it is unknown whether it passes in the breast milk or not.

Side effects of Generic Restasis - Cyclosporine eye drops

  • Discharge from your eye
  • Pain in your eye
  • Itching in your eye
  • Stinging in your eye
  • Blurry vision
  • Burning sensation in your eye
  • Increased redness in your eye
  • Feeling like there’s something in your eye
  • Watery eyes

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