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The drug of Generic Ciprodex is useful for the treatment of bacterial ear infections. It is also helpful for the treatment of middle ear infections in children with ear tubes and outer ear infections (swimmer’s ear) in both kids and adults. The drug contains a combination of a chemical called ciprofloxacin (quinolone-type antibiotic) and dexamethasone (anti-inflammatory corticosteroid). The ear drop works by stopping or preventing the growth of bacteria and reducing the discomfort and swelling in the ears. It is meant only for the treatment of bacterial infections and not for other ear infections. It is an FDA-approved drug, and you can easily buy Generic Ciprodex online.

Dosage of Generic Ciprodex

Speak to the doctor about your ear infection condition based on which your dosage will be determined. The medication should be used twice daily by keeping 12 hours gap between the two dosages. Before applying the drug, clean and dry the ear canals. To avoid contamination, ask another person to put the drops in your ears. Wash your hands first before you apply the drug. Do not touch the tip of the applicator to avoid contamination. Shake the medicine well before using. Wash the hands again after using the drug.

General precautions of Generic Ciprodex

Speak to the doctor and inform him whether you are allergic to the chemical used in the drug or not. If you have an allergy to the drug, then do not use it.
Use the drug as per the prescription and schedule told by the doctor. Don’t stop the medication or overuse it according to your wish. 
Don’t use the drug if you have a medical history of ear infection caused by fungus or virus.

Side effects of Generic Ciprodex

  • Ear Pain, Itching, or Discomfort
  • A Bizarre Taste Sensation
  • Irritable Feeling
  • Rash 
  • Debris Build Up in the Ear Canal

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