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Tadagra prof 20mg is an anti-Ed medication that is used all over the world by men for the treatment of erectile dysfunction issues. It is a sexual disorder that does not allow men to attain a penile erection that is needed for penetrative sexual intercourse with the woman. It is a frustrating problem and it can ruin the sex life of men and the relationship of the couples. The tablet helps in providing hard and steady penile erection to men which helps them to have sex with the woman without any issues. The chemical that is present in the drug is Tadalafil which is also present in other anti-Ed drugs as well such as Tadalis. This chemical works on the PDE5 enzyme in the penile region and helps men to attain a strong erection that is required for sexual intercourse. The medication of Tadagra prof 20mg is FDA approved drug and you can easily buy it online without any problem.

Action mechanism of Tadagra prof 20mg

The drug contains the chemical of Tadalafil that works on the PDE5 enzyme. This enzyme is responsible for blocking the blood circulation in the penile area as it narrows the arteries in this area. The chemical inhibits the enzyme and broadens the blood vessels and boosts blood circulation. The chemical also increases the cGMP enzyme level which aids in relaxing the penile muscles and promotes circulation of the blood in the penis. Hence, the man can attain a hard penile erection and can easily enjoy sexual activity without any worries.

Dosage of Tadagra prof 20mg

The general dosage of the Tadagra prof 20mg tablet is one pill per day and that too an hour before the sexual intercourse. Use the pill only when you plan to have sex. The drug will take around 30-40 minutes to start showing its effect. Once assimilated into the bloodstream, the effect of the drug can stay for at least 36 hours. You must have only one pill only and not more than that. Consume the tablet with plain water and preferably on an empty stomach for better effectiveness.

General precautions of Tadagra prof 20mg

  • The usual dosage of the tablet is one pill per day, and it should not exceed more than that.
  • Never attempt to consume an overdose of the pill or else it can have an adverse impact on your health.
  • Men having allergic reactions to the chemical Tadalafil used in the drug should refrain from using it.
  • Never consume the tablet with alcohol or any other beverage as it can have a negative impact on your health.
  • Men having health issues such as cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney disorder, diabetes and high blood pressure must not use this drug.
  • Elderly men planning to use the drug should consult the doctor once before using the pill.
  • The tablet of Tadagra prof 20mg is meant only for grown-up adults.
  • The drug can cause some amount of dizziness and hence you should avoid driving a car or operating heavy machinery after using the pill.

Side effects of Tadagra prof 20mg

  • Flushing (sense of warmth in the face, ears, neck, and trunk)
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Muscle pain
  • Upset stomach
  • Rash

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