longer & thicker lashes in just 4 months

That’s true! With Latisse also called Lumigan an ophthalmic drug with active compound Bimatoprost 0.03% guarantees phenomenal growth of your natural eyelashes in just 16 weeks! Now you can trash your painful eyelash extensions and costly mascara and simply invest in cheap and user-friendly solution for those glamorous looking eyelashes – Generic Latisse sold by the name Careprost or Bimat, produced by Ajanta Pharma, an Indian pharmaceutical company.

Latisse is an FDA approved drug for treating Hypotrichosis – a condition where your eyelashes show abnormal hair pattern (short, skimpy and scattered) or may not grow hair at all. This could be due to various reasons like hereditary, due to surgery or injury close to eyelashes or due to some harsh medical therapy like chemo that makes you shed every possible hair on your skin. The prostaglandin analogue present in the drug stimulates hair follicles of eyelashes and increases their growth phase also called Anaphase. So as long as you use Latisse the hair follicles of the lashes remain in Anaphase and when you stop using the drug they go back to their original shape and size.

Latisse or Careprost is not an OTC drug. You have to get proper prescription to avail the drug from local pharmacy or online drugstore. The eye expert analyses your eye condition, your medical history of eyes and other conditions. He checks whether your eyes are allergic to the drug you wish to buy. He then decides on whether you are eligible for the drug. He gives you a prescription for Latisse and instructs you on the method of dosage which is critically important for you to know.

You get a set of disposable applicators along with the drug. These are used to apply Latisse precisely at the roots of upper lashes only. Use only one applicator for single eyelid. Avoid using the same used applicator to your other eye as this can cause infection or other side effects. Before applying Latisse to your upper lashes (roots) make sure to remove all your facial make-up and mascara. If you wear contact lens make sure to remove them before applying drug as it can permanently discolour your contacts. Latisse has the property to grow hair on any part of skin it comes in contact with, so take care while applying it. Avoid smudging on facial skin. Keep tissue or blotting paper at your disposal for wiping the drug off from your facial skin. The ideal time to apply the drug to your eyes is during bed time at night.

After 16 week-regular therapy of Latisse the result are there for all to see. You grow fabulous eyelashes that look longer, thicker and much darker than your original lashes. These make you feel more confident as your overall look and personality takes a paradigm shift.  Your glamour quotient has gone up by few or more notches and it reflects in your new body language. In order to maintain those dreamy lashes apply Latisse at least three times in a week.

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